Zernike Group is a Dutch based, dynamic growing international company in the field of technology transfer, facility management, patenting and licensing, engineering, and consultancy (accounting, financing, marketing and sales). In 1983, the University of Groningen, regional authorities and the Ministry of Economic Affairs created a commercial/academic organization in the form of a science park in order to synergy science and business. As a result, the activities of the Science Park changed significantly: offering seed capital via the Zernike Seed Fund, Hi-Tech Ventures and Z-Finance as well as a methodology for protecting and selling developments, commercial marketing and sales of high-tech products. Furthermore providing a department for accounting & tax support, and business accommodation. These changes were made to achieve a main goal, which is to become self-sufficient by carrying out activities in technology transfer that are commercially worthwhile. In 1992, the management founded a private company Zernike Group B.V. Zernike Group manages various Technology and Science Parks over the world. The Group is a shareholder of many companies in the field of technology and technology transfer, and it is active in consultancy for the European Union, World bank and the United Nations.  Zernike Group has over €200 million in start-up funds under its management. It is an active co-investor with RaboBank, AEGON, and ABN-Amro, and the international VC industry. The core businesses of Zernike Group are: Managing Technology Parks Feasibility and evaluation studies Technology transfer & commercialisation Financial and innovation advice Risk bearing capital Facility management Marketing and sales of high-technology products and technologies The organisation can be characterised as being flexible, innovative and market driven. The Zernike Group