Market Research & Feasibility Studies Zernike organizes the right steps towards commercial success by creating further success factors beside the technology. Our approach: no-nonsense result driven. The following services can be either a first commercial offering, or an introduction of successful products to new geographical markets: Sales Direct sales to clients based on commission Direct sales to business as distributor Creating of sales organisation if needed in various countries Distributor search, appointing, training and result creation of salesagents Search for new potential clients, visit them and sell Marketing Creation of marketing strategy (transparent working business model) Creation of advertisement campaigns (content and design). Brochures, websites, styling adverts Organizing + executing exhibitions, trade missions Research & Feasibility Primary market research - Approaching potential clients/businesses by personal qualitative interviews Secondary market research - Quantitive market research based on Internet search and available databases, general /specific sourcing Commercial planning - Business planning, organizing and implementation Zernike has commercial presence in Europe (the Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, UK, Finland), USA, Asia (Malaysia, Thailand, China) and Australia