Incubator services Zernike’s provision of business and technology incubators offer the following types of resources and services: Highly flexible space and leasing terms; Small offices and workstations; Intensive management and mentoring; Shared services, such as secretarial, copying, phone and fax, conference rooms, kitchens and computers; Latest in IP Telephony, Video Conferencing & Teleconferencing communications Access to university facilities, technical expertise and equipment; Marketing and export services; Access to finance. A mentoring program is available to the business incubation cluster to link incubator users with highly successful and experienced entrepreneurs (mentors). In general, entry criteria is based on the viability of the business proposal, the potential for growth, innovation and aspirations to enter international markets. Creating an image of success helps to establish the incubator in the community and assists in attracting resources and partners. This image can be enhanced by: Good business location and attractive building; Links with key local organizations; Good press contacts and local public relations; Promising client businesses and successful graduated firms. To catalyse the implementation of new emerging technologies, it is effective to have educational and training facilities located locally to provide required skills. In addition, specific training programs through vocational training at universities and TAFEs for trades, technicians and small companies will assist in the embracement of these innovations. The establishment of an exhibition and visitor centre within incubators where the innovations can be seen and demonstrated also assists in the embracement of new ideas and technologies.