Directors Lex de Lange (LLM,1953) founder and CEO of Zernike Group BV, the Netherlands, started his dynamic career as a manager in the horeca business. Being ambitious, he started studying law and graduated in international tax law. After working as a tax-inspector for the Ministry of Finance, he was asked in 1987 for the position of managing director of the Zernike Science Park, a government initiative in order to market scientific output. In order to fulfil his own ambition of bringing scientific knowlegde on to the international markets, he decided to set up his own company Zernike Group B.V. in 1992. Over the years the organisation has developed into a true specialist in technology transfer, the management of science parks and venture capital funds, and is shareholder in high-tech companies worldwide. Zernike Group B.V. is  worldwide represented via affiliates and partnerships in Australia, Portugal, Finland, Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States and Latin America. Lex de Lange has founded more than 40 companies from the Zernike Group base, all of them in the field of innovation and technology. He has been extraordinary professor at the University of Nottingham, while also holding a great many positions and secondary positions. He has written more than 50 publications mainly on the subject of innovation. He is frequently asked to speak at international conferences. Lex de Lange is seen as one of the driving forces behind the bundeled know-how and innovation found at many Science Parks worldwide. As partner in Zernike, Group Douwe Dijk is assigned to SurgOptix based on his former experience as MD of a dedicated Dutch imaging company. Within this specific company (owned by Zernike Group) camera's, robots were merged together to functional solutions for industrial clients all over the world. This Company was sold to a main German supplier of large industrial equipment as strategic part of future expansion. Before he became partner in Zernike Group he worked for international companies: Buhrmann Tetterode/Kappa Packaging and an International Trading House.